Snail mailing

I used to have pen pals as a kid and up to about 7 years ago I was very active in the now non existing online community Nervousness that was all about LMAO (land mail art objects). I’m now back into this whole snail mail thing and I’d almost forgotten how fun it is to send and receive happy mail. Using cute stationery and decorating the envelopes with doodles, paper cutouts and cute stickers is of course part of the fun!








My buttons

I used to collect buttons when I was a kid. My favorites were the blackboard with fractions, the red pencil and the cookie with “COOKIE” written on it. They are still my favorites, with the sun, Hello, zebra, turtle, sheep, bow, and the bike coming close second(s).

The question now is what can I use them for?


More stickers in my notebook journal

I’ve found great use for my sticker stash by making these layouts for my notebook journal. (I’ve finally overcome my hoarding habits and actually want to use the stickers!) When I’m putting the stickers on to my pages, I like to group them so that they tell a story. I’m not sure if anyone else but me understands the stories though.



I used up a whole sheet of stickers for one spread. I’m loving these particular stickers from Funny Sticker World. They have this matte texture instead of the typical glossy kind that most stickers have. I want more of these types of stickers…


I’m on instagram

Okay, so I finally joined instagram two weeks ago, and I’m slowly figuring out how I’ll be using it. I posted my first pictures on instagram today and will probably continue sharing pictures of my crafty work in progress, details or patterns I find interesting, and chairs. And yes, maybe some food pictures as well. I’m sorry about that.

My “alias” is danweitran.

Travel journal: Gotland

Last week all five of us went on a family vacation to Gotland, which is the largest Swedish island, and we stayed five days in a hotel in Visby. I brought a notebook with blank pages to serve as my travel journal, and every evening after little Dante had fallen asleep in the hotel room, I would add notes and put ephemera collected during that day into the journal. Back home I’ve added the photos that I’ve printed out and finally I consider this travel journal finished, and here’s a sneak peak of the book.













One of the best day was spent on a sandy beach. I found some mini shells there, put them in a plastic pocket and taped it to a page with a picture of the beach behind the pocket.



Many pages have flaps that can be opened to reveal more stuff underneath.










I drew all the clothes I had packed for myself and Dante.



I spotted many different types around Gotland and I thought most of them were charming, so I used a 0.05 mm ink pen to draw some of them. Can you help me identify the types? (Click the picture to enlarge.) I do know that “café TIDSFÖRDRIV” is in Comic Sans. It was an eyesore when I saw it and it was the most boring one to draw.



I stuck a paper pocket (it’s one of those typical paper bags you get when you buy postcards; I just cut it in half) to the back of the notebook to hold a map and extras. With all the things I’d added to the pages the notebook became pretty thick. Luckily it came with a rubberband attached that holds the book closed.


New Sakura Micron ink pens

I’ve been curious about these Sakura Micron ink pens for a while and I finally got two from eBay; one in 0.8 and one in 0.05. After a writing and drawing test run I think I’ve found my new favorite brand. The Sakura Micron pens are a bit more runny than my old favorite Staedtler pigment liner 0.05, but the Macron tip feels much smoother against the paper. My other issue that I have with Staedtler is that the tip gets slightly worn out toward the end. We’ll see how the Micron holds up!


Pixel sprite for my Rockstar friend

A while ago I posted some of my pixel creations, and here’s another one I made for a friend about 6 years ago when we were both studying at university.


It’s a sprite for a platform game he was developing.




Walking sprite.




Jumping sprite.




This particular game never got passed early prototyping stage, but my friend now works at Rockstar Games and he was part of creating Grand Theft Auto V.

How to make use of stickers

This is how I decorated my notebook for the first days of July’s happy notes.

I started of with an empty spread, a 0.35 black ink pen and a sheet of stickers.



Using the pen I outlined the boxes that will hold my happy notes.



The fun part is putting the stickers on the pages!



At the end I added some doodles, and then all that’s left are the happy memories to be scribbled down each day.


I like making cute stuff and creating digital things